App structure

The viewable data is organized into 4 main categories in this application:

  • Aircraft: list of aircraft used by SAFIRE, ordered by number of flights. The time coverage, number of campaigns and instrument embedded in the plane are also available.
  • Campaign: list of SAFIRE measurement campaigns in chronological order with projects, used platforms, scientific domain…
  • Flights: list of SAFIRE flights sorted by chronological order, with their campaigns, used airplane, along with flight trajectory and report.
  • Datasets: list of information on the data collected throughout the measurement campaigns. Logging in is mandatory to download data (see 1st connection).

Core table

Each of those 4 tabs shows a table. Aircraft tab is a good start:

You are able to:

  • sort each column
  • search an aircraft with its name (Name search field)

When clicking on a line, more data is displayed:

  1. Navigation buttons: quick-switch from a tab to another (see every campaign made by the selected aircraft for instance).
  2. Detail button (upon availability):
    • Aircraft: the brown button shows aircraft’s instruments
    • Campaigns: the purple button shows campaign trajectories on a map
    • Flights:
      • the yellow button shows the flight sequence
      • the purple button shows flight trajectory and its way points on a map
      • the white button shows the flight report
  3. Tabs: if the list (4) is too long, it is divided into several tabs
  4. Information list: details about the selected item

Advanced search

Campaigns, Flights and Datasets tabs habe an advanced search

While a filter is active, simple search is not available.

You can fill in one or more fields to refine the search, which can serve incorrect response if search criteria are ambiguous.

The drop-down lists have an autocomplete system, like a search engine, start typing a few letters, results will pop out.

Advanced search uses an AND operator between filled in field. For instance, entering “ATR42” in Platforms and “2017” as Year will show campaigns made by ATR42 in 2017 only.

On the other hand, multiple choice drop-down lists – Area et Scientific domains on the picture – use the OR operator. Therefore, by checking “Western Europe” and “Northern Africa”, campaigns from Western Europe or Northern Africa will be shown.

Some specific cases :

  • Campaigns -> Year: this field also applies to time coverage; if you type “2012” the ITAAC-TC2 will be in the results below because its time coverage is 2010-2014 (2010 < 2012 < 2014)
  • Flights -> Flight number: searches one or multiple flights, by separating the flights with a comma, for example: “as190009,as190010”.

Test flights and instrument campaigns (LNG, OSIRIS, …) have been removed from the database.


You can download flight metadata and datasets, the latter is only accessible after a login.

You can do so by checking some boxes on the left then click on this button at the top; to erase the selection, just click on the red cross.

The second way is to fill in advanced search fields and download all the results:

Many AERIS datasets are unavailable for download at the moment:

You have to go on the AERIS catalog to download those missing datasets. Just click on the dataset, then click on the links in the DATA / LINKS tab.

To show only downloadable datasets, open advanced search and select “Available” in “Download is…” field.