Le portail de données du Service Français des Avions Instrumentés pour la Recherche en Environnement

SAFIRE+ in a few words …

For more than half a century, French research organizations have used instrumented aircraft to explore the atmosphere during experimental campaigns. These data began to be produced in digital form in the 1980s.
The main objective of the SAFIRE+ portal is to make all airborne research data accessible to researchers and the public, from the oldest archives – mainly collected on board the Fokker – 27 “ARAT” of the CNRS and the Merlin IV of Météo-France, to the most recent data collected on board the current SAFIRE aircraft: the Falcon20 , ATR42 and Piper-Aztec.

As quickly as possible, the flight metadata, then the processed and validated physical measurements will be published on this site.

In 2020, these data represent more than 30 years of airborne research archives, divided into nearly 200 scientific campaigns. Now available in their original format, these data will gradually be transcribed, whenever possible, into NetCdf format.